Core Capabilities: Jet can run precision manufacturing operations 24 hours a day across 3 shifts. Engineering and Business offices are operational during day shift. Prototype through medium quantity volumes (10 pcs to 120k/year) machining and manufacturing/assembly services under purchase order or contract. We are experienced with multiple alloy grades in Aluminum, Stainless, Carbon and alloy Steels (including exotics like Inconel, Titanium, Nitronic 60, Invar) , Plastics (composite and glass filled, Peek, Ultem, Delrin, Polycarbonates), and space age epoxies.

We provide our customers with professional machine design/engineering and concurrent engineering support. CNC and manual milled and turned parts, assemblies, and various light manufacturing machines/processes including electromechanical and product assembly ops, presses, drilling, tapping, automated thread insert processes.

JET also has a fully equipped and staffed Finishing and Assembly Department with small & large tumbling/deburring processes handling subassembly through complete assembly of piece parts and systems, glass bead and grit blasting processes and finishing. Jet regularly processes parts with various plating operations including colored anodizing, hard coat anodizing, black oxide, black and yellow zinc, chemical film/yellow irridite, nickel, electroless nickel, and specialized processes such as armoloy and Teflon impregnated hard coat.

Major Equipment: 7 CNC vertical machining centers, 4 CNC turning centers, 4th axis Wire EDM, 2 have dual spindles and live tools, various pieces of manual equipment (2 vertical mills, 3 lathes, 1 horizontal mill, drill presses, tapping heads, tapping machines, arbor presses), assembly tables, electric and pneumatic helicoil installation systems, CNC rotary indexer, MIG & Tig welding, Optical Comparator, Brown & Sharpe CMM, Brown & Sharpe Micro-Hite, 4ft x 6ft Starrett surface plate fully equipped metrology lab. Large and small parts tumbling machines

All manufacturing processes are controlled by ISO 9001:2008 compliant work instructions.

Military Enclosures
(6061/Mil-spec Prime/Paint)
3-D Shapes  (6061/Clear Anodize) Plastics  (Black Delrin & Ultem)  Secondary Machining on Castings
Valve Spools Tungsten Large Indexed Shapes  Electronics Enclosure Parts, (6061-T6)
17-4 PH S.S. Large & Small Parts Secondary Ops On Plastic Enclosures Colored Anodizing Complex Parts 
(Military Camera Hsgs, 6061 Al) 
Large Hog outs
(Power Electronics Packaging)
6061 Al with Gold Irridite
Chem-Film Coating
Precision Parts State Of The Art CNC Machines
Volume Aluminum Casting Machining Volume Machining High Speed Vertical Mills Dual Spindle Live Tool Lathes
Large Defense Project Heat Sink Extrusions High Volume Twin Spindle Live Tool Lathe Hurco CNC Mill Hurco Controls
Partial View of Mill Area Turned parts 410 SS Chambers 410 SS
Aerospace parts Casting Modifications Complex Assemblies Complex Part
Dip Brazed Assemblies Dip Brazed Assys Fabricated Assemblies
Large Rings Navy Fixture 1 Navy Fixture 2 Precision in Volume
Precision Volume 6061 AL Volume 6061 Welded Assemblies
Volume Connector Modifications Volume Turned parts